Aloe Vera Nitrile Gloves

Aloe Vera Nitrile Gloves

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Aloe Vera nitrile gloves have a natural Vera aloe gel covering that moisturizes the hands. It is an ambient extremely textured finger glove. Nitrile gloves are not skin irritating with the powder-free aloe Vera. Choose this special and long-lasting Vera nitrile glove for clinical review. The Top-quality clean gloves are one of the best manufacturers for this Vera nitrile aloe glove. The multinational maker of aloe vera nitrile gloves supplies at fair costs in Malaysia and top markets.


  • Single online, non-sterile, with aloe coat, Nitrile testing glove, Powder-free.
  • Synthetic Rubber Nitrile 100 percent
  • Grey, Rose Pink Cornflower
  • Finger textured, ambidextrous, beaded manguet
  • When kept in a dry state, the gloves must preserve their properties. Stop sunshine.
  • Duration is three years from launch date
  • Built from: PVC polymer resin silicone emulsion.
  • Free from Latex: decreases risk of allergic and hypersensitivity,
  • Smooth formulation: decreased tiredness during prolonged wear for enhanced sensation and health.
  • Coating with Aloe Vera: responds to body heat which moisturizes, and moisturizes the skin to preserve a weak and stable side.
  • Muffle roll: Easier to dress and to avoid liquid rolling back to add strength.
  • Free of pulverization: decreases the chance of pollution.

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