Black Nitrile Examination Gloves

Black Nitrile Examination Gloves

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Our Select Black Gloves, made and manufactured by Unigloves and sold worldwide to tattoo artists are black and single-use examination gloves. We have been perfecting our Select Black Gloves for over 25 years based on the imagination, skill, and variety of tattoos artists, thereby optimizing barring, comfort, grip, and dexterity that allows the artist to concentrate on making beautiful tattoos. Picked black gloves are made using our special and innovative production system which makes our gloves softer, easier to donate, easier to wear, and less dangerous than regular gloves.

Select black is available in natural latex and synthetic nitrile latex, normal length, and expanded mango so that liquid can deter moisture from entering the glove and provide extra protection against chemical sprinkling. The patented automated manufacturing method of Unigloves guarantees fast application, ease of use, and a decreased risk of allergic reactions. Our Black selected latex gloves are cleaned 3x longer than standard test gloves and chlorinated in and outside of the mango to minimize smoothness and improve grip, making Pick Black gloves a chosen option for professionals who are looking for an optimal mix of convenience, expertise, and stamina.


  • A variety of chemicals immune
  • Complies with pinhole medical requirements
  • Fluid fingertips mean less effort to hold instruments, particularly under wet or oily conditions
  • Matt black finish hides blood and ink and eliminates the pressure in the hands and eyes in complicated designs
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers with latex (sensitization type I)
  • Reduces the risk of latex allergy and minimizes particulate pollution (Type I sensitization).
  • Suitable for food touch

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