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CPE Disposable Gloves

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CPE Gloves For the food service and food manufacturing industry, CPE gloves were invented. It is an ideal alternative to rubber or vinyl gloves. CPE gloves have many positive advantages – particularly their longevity. It is also more common than TPE-gloves to weigh in grams. Without losing them, staff will wear a pair of CPE gloves all day. It's fine for paws. PE gloves are unable to do so.

CPE gloves are made of polyethylene, a resin type (i.e. organic compound) developed during ethynylene polymerization. Polyethylene is known as a solvent for 'comfort' since it can be manufactured at low prices in high quantities. It is also the world's most natural form of plastic. Many other items, including food packaging, detergent bottles and shopping bags, are made of polyethylene.

  • Polyethylene is the main component of PE gloves and chlorinated polyethylene is the principal component of CPE gloves.
  • The gloves are both high temperature resistant and white translucent. More flexible than PE gloves are CPE gloves.
  • PE gloves that are lightweight and low in price, are probably the most commonly used food gloves on the market. The choice of disposable PE gloves as food-saving gloves is recommended.

Usable numerous sanitary gloves:

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