Gamma Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

Gamma Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

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Communication between the surgeons and patients happens during any critical intervention. The patient has bleeding that may be contagious. Contaminated blood and cancer tissue must be incised or properly removed in order that bacterial contamination does not occur in the surgeon. Double latex surgical gloves have special precautions that can prevent certain chemical materials, blood fleshes and chemical accelerators from being inserted onto your mouth. Dual layers provide you with liberty and warmth to slip your damp hands happily in your gloves. The double color of the gloves help patients to spot severe texture cuts / dents / deep pores.

Superior quality Rubber operative gloves are ergonomic. The rubber surgical gloves are smooth in their texture. The mango is born. When surgeons wear these lovely gloves, the fingers are covered. These gloves' silicone coating gives you extra special pleasure. For you to undergo some form of complicated operation it is robust and hassle-free.


  • Gamma Ray or EtO Sterilized Powdered & Powder-Free
  • High-grade natural latex rubber
  • Hand-specific, bent palms, beaded manguet, textured surface, U.S.P.
  • Curved, hand-specific, polymer-coated or chlorinated online, beaded mango and organized surface
  • When stored in a dry state, the gloves shall retain their properties. 

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