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Protection goggles are designed to protect the wearer's eyes from dangers such as airborne bits, objects, big chips, and dust. Goggles fit the face of the eyes immediately and create an eye shield. This prevents the entry of objects under or around the lenses. For people needing vision correction, safety gloves may have prescription lenses mounted behind protective lenses. When selecting safety gauges, take time to look at specific lenses, frames, and ventilation options.


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  • Glasses cover the eyes of the worker and avoid injury to their skin. They avoid the intrusion of soil, ashes, debris, chemical agents, or liquid into the eyes.
  • Goggles have lenses with vision and wraps that protect them on the head of the wearer.
  • In labs, building sites and landscaping fields, industrial plants, car maintenance facilities, or work conditions, safety glazing are usually worn.

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