High Risk Nitrile Industrial Gloves

High Risk Nitrile Industrial Gloves

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Top quality clean gloves are fitted out with a number of high risk nitrile industrial gloves perfectly to secure the wearer from high-risk pathogens. However they are very suitable for people employed in the medical industry particularly those who may work in trauma centers. They are heavier, safer and more robust than normal disposable guides used in other industries and occupations. The wearer and the user are secured against hazardous contaminants and against cross-contamination. All our high risk nitrile industrial gloves  are certified by HSE so that you can work with confidence. Look at our list below to find the dream gloves.


  • Extensive manguet provides extra wrist and arm defense in unsafe conditions.
  • Provides the lowest acceptable pinhole rates in advanced formula (AQL 0.65)
  • In the glove composition, non-bolting characteristics are integrated to create a tap or adhesive resistance and to help employees achieve greater performance and speed.
  • Strong effective grip and excellent protection for the worker ensure textured fingertips.
  • Built without natural rubber latex or powder to guard against allergies, inflammation of skin and dryness.
  • Successful usage of chemotherapy medicines

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