Latex Cleanroom Gloves

Latex Cleanroom Gloves

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Qualitative Rubber Cleanroom glove. The colour is normal. It consists of 100% pure natural latex of rubber. Thus when employed in the factory, wear outstanding long-lasting technical gloves for ease. The resistance to tears is high. For a worker, it's healthy and easier. No prominent or small loose thread is found in the texture of the glove. Have the best colorful cleanroom latex gloves on discounts at top quality clean gloves online hub. This exporter provides people with free contamination of latex cleanroom gloves. Ask this vendor for more information on new latex cleanroom glove inventories.


  • Gloves - Heritage - BLA-2 BioClean gloves
  • Duration: 300mm (12")
  • Compatible with ISO Class 5 and double bagged powder free
  • Also in humid or muddy working conditions, the standardized surface gives strong grip.
  • Latex promises excellent versatility and ease
  • Textured for easier grip
  • Compatibility processed for ISO Form 4
  • The perforated cuff promotes arm grip and flexibility
  • Antistatic: Latex is an effective isolator and not rigid dissipative.
  • Scale of Pack: 100 Ambidextrous Gloves
  • Non-sterile Powder-Free.
  • Latex natural rubber of high consistency.
  • Ocean Brown, dark blue.
  • Web, double chlorinated, polymer-coated, online single chlorine or offline, ambidextrous, flat or palm-textured, beaded cuff.

When kept in a dry state, the gloves will retain their properties. Stop sunshine directly.

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