Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

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Nitrile cleanroom gloves are full of powder, without latex or static inherently. They also remain immune to various substances including chemotherapies and hormone formulations. They are dangerous. Nitrile glove reduces the possibility of allergy to latex while securing the hands of the staff and the low-particle and extractable goods. We have 10′′, 12′′, and 16′′ cleanroom packaging for non-sterilized and sterile nitrile gloves. For laboratories and less static regulated settings, we also provide padded gloves.

For a test in your cleanroom, we give free nitrile cleanroom glove samples. Our handles are used in the manufacturing sectors of pharmaceutics, semiconductors, electronics and surgical devices. These gloves are ESD/anti-static, and are common in static applications.

Two key types of nitrile cleanroom gloves are available.

  • Our dispenser-boxed polish-free gloves can be used for less important applications in Class 1000-10,000 ISO6-8 clean rooms or laboratories.
  • Our cleanroom gloves of class 10-100 come double bags and have to be washed and/or cleaned to remove any small debris for stricter applications.
  • The white, brown, lilac and green shades of our gloves. You will pick the right guys with our professional cleanroom supply squad. 
  • Contact us for samples or for more detailed discussion of our gloves. Our most common gloves are seen in the following catalogues, but we hold every glove.

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