PP PE Isolation Gown 45gsm

PP PE Isolation Gown 45gsm

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Specialized clothes or tools for a person's defense from infectious agents are personal protective equipment, PPE (PPE). This usually involves safety clothing that protects you from head to toe without exposing any of the body to harmful substances. PPE avoids interaction by constructing a membrane between potentially infected and health staff with an infectious agent and body fluid. The fundamentals of the kit are constructed from medically approved and classified material for optimum protection. This EPI kit is intended explicitly for housekeepers and couriers who can come into contact with contaminated staff, products, packets, or even laundry during their day-to-day job.


  • This bodysuit is made of a 45 GSM, non-respirable fabric, taffeta tied, designed to cover the whole body.
  • The taffeta fabric is completely liquid proof and retains a long hape.
  • This full-length suit is fitted with complete gloves, no front and back joints, front and zip opening with a clamping hat. The textiles used are smooth, comfortable, and non-itchy and also fit for all.
  • Gloves-This size of 7.5 is made of a pair of high-traction latex surgical gloves and is simple to wear. It prevents the hands from exposure to different infectious agents when handling sick individuals.

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