Purple Nitrile Examination Dual Color Gloves

Purple Nitrile Examination Dual Color Gloves

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Top-quality clean gloves providers are also selling attractive double-colored gloves online. Nitrile is much safer than vinyl or silicone. Wear double-colored nitrile gloves for hours without getting bored or sore. The exterior part of the double-colored nitrile glove is gold, and the internal portion is purple. Thus, the texture of the nitrile gloves readily recognizes every cut, teeth, and scrape. Dual-colored nitrile gloves are not apt to punch. So use both surgical instruments, devices, and blood checking tubes with nice double-colored nitrile gloves inconvenience.

The latex gloves have a greater longevity than flickered food service gloves and are designed to complete medium-duty duties. Latex gloves are made of natural rubber latex which has been reported to induce certain allergies. For people with latex sensitivities or allergies, latex-free gloves are also advisable. The manufacturing grades of Tuff Skin, Apollo, Edge, and Neptune are available in transparent or yellow colours. There are solutions available lightly powdered and powder-free.


  • Online single chlorinated, non-sterile Nitrile Examination Glove, Powder-Free
  • Synthetic Rubber Nitrile 100 percent
  • Yellow (inside) Orange (outward) Black
  • Additional colors on request
  • Finger textured, beaded manguette, ambidextrous
  • When kept in dry condition, the gloves shall retain their properties. Avoid sunshine direct
  • Durability is 3 years from the launch date

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You can buy Purple Nitrile Examination Dual Color Gloves online from top-quality clean gloves.

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