Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves

Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves

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Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves, together with antistatic characteristics and remarkable tactility and grasp, have excellent chemical and cytotoxic safety. The P-Zero is free of latex and powder in the chemotherapy range. You can buy Sterile polychloroprene gloves online for sale from Top quality clean gloves .


  • Textured fingers with reinforced grip – the anti spraying test glove provides staff with a high effective grip in their handling of instruments or machinery in wet or dry conditions.
  • Food compatible nitrile gloves – hand protections for single use meet with the FDA criteria for food manipulation and can be used in the food preparations. Service, kitchen or hotels, and services sectors
  • Sterile polychloroprene gloves provide outstanding chemical resistance to splashing and are suitable for laboratory work. Barrier chemical exposure- sterile polychloroprene gloves
  • Customers around the world will rely on innovative hand safety solutions from touch tuff to boost employer comfort and efficiency, no matter the job, and whatever the environment.
  • Too- available in many various packaging options, including offering packages. Available in a range of packaging options.

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