Sterilized Latex Surgical Gloves

Sterilized Latex Surgical Gloves

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Surgical gloves are specifically intended to provide protection against the transmission of pathogens during surgical operations between healthcare personnel and patients. Differences between surgical gloves and gloves (the gloves form used in clinical testing rooms in bulk containers) are:

Surgical glove manufacturers to follow higher levels of quality. Sterile and individually packed surgical gloves into couples. Surgical gloves are sized more reliably than surgical test gloves. Gloves from surgical examination aid to shield patients from infection. These gloves are used when treatment, for example drawing blood for blood test, does not require sterile conditions. The customer can also be shielded from harm caused by hazardous chemical or drug ingredients by certain of these gloves.

Sometimes latex or plastic materials such as nitrogen or vinyl, are used in medical examination gloves (PVC). Vinyl gloves are less flexible and weaker than most glove materials, and thus are not ideal for health practitioners in close contact with body excretions or those administering chemotherapy medications.

Non-glove elements which decide the barrier protection level include:

  • Glove is used for a long time
  • Touch chemicals with the glove
  • Equipment handling that can stress the glove content
  • The fit of the glove; gloves that are badly fitted give less protection.

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