TPE Double Textured Gloves For Food Handling

TPE Double Textured Gloves For Food Handling

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The double-structured thermoplastic elastomer glove is suitable for some household jobs. Get additional protection and fun. When you're dried, you don't have to wear any gel or fluid before wearing these gloves. With a double face texture, it is lightweight. So your hands go right into the handcuffs. Hold multiple items flat when wearing a double textured glove with the top thermoplastic elastomer. Top quality clean gloves, a leading producer of long-lasting TPE flu-safe double textured gloves, definitely shipped these classic gloves worldwide. To learn more about pricing and features of TPE double-texted gloves, give your message to the top quality clean gloves customer support team.


  • Powder-free, non-sterile, thermoplastic elastomer
  • Elastomer and resin polyethylene
  • Blue and Clear Colour
  • Ambidextrous construction, non-toxic, hygienic, double-pronounced surface suitable for the use of foodstuffs design & features
  • Storage: When kept in a dry state, gloves shall preserve their properties. Avoid sunshine direct
  • Secure for use in food touch
  • Vinyl glove repair possible option
  • Free DOP and DINP
  • Nice match for fingertips and hands
  • Environmentally acceptable emerging technologies
  • Free of latex protein and free of powder
  • Special dual pruning surface offers excellent grip and fast dry application.
  • Comfort with smooth artifacts when carrying and tight grip

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