TPE Gloves for Food Handling

TPE Gloves for Food Handling

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These Superfit TPE Gloves are a great alternative to PE and Vinyl Gloves, suitable for a wide spectrum of operations, including medical care, food handling and hair and makeup applications. Increasingly human lives are invading bacteria and viruses, particularly in the air and water, then go into food, get into the body of humans, making us ill and not healthy prior to our awareness. The key channel for human bacteria and viruses to access the corpus is the food, so food clean and hygienic are very important. Hands are what we eat, clean hands and hygiene are really necessary.

The best way to protect hands and food, particularly in the food processing industry or on the market is to clean and disinfect the hands, clean the hands and wear the food, the workers are expected to wear both hands and gloves. To prevent cross-infection between foods, I recommend you use untreated gloves.


  • Powder-free, non-sterile, thermoplastic elastomer
  • Elastomer & Polyethylene Resin Material
  • Ambidextrous, non-toxic, hygienic, smooth interface and features
  • Quite suitable for the consumption of food
  • Blue and Clear Colour
  • Storage: When kept in a dry state, gloves shall preserve their properties. Avoid sunshine direct
  • Durability: 5 years from manufacture date
  • Fit better than poly gloves
  • Vinyl Gloves Savings
  • Grip Smooth & Soft
  • Accessible & Sustainable
  • 76 Complying with California proposal
  • Weight 2-Gram

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