Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

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Vinyl disposable gloves are one of the most common on the market. They are an effective and long-lasting alternative to latex, an allergen believed to cause moderate skin irritation vinyl disposable gloves is certified as medical grade that facilitates its use for the handling of patients and non-invasive medical treatments. The powder-free and smooth nature by vinyl disposable gloves provides its consumers with great comfort and ability and is resistant to most domestic chemical products.

Measure your palm's diameter and stretch your thumb outwards with your fingertips. It's not the widest point on our own hand but vinyl disposable gloves have a lot of expertise and can match well. We suggest measurement just below the knuckles. Loose gloves fit on clothes, earing or machines may trap them. Until usage, both users need to be weighed. And if you are wondering from where you will get Vinyl Disposable Glove for sale online. 


  • Sterile: Treatments that are not invasive only
  • No allergens of latex
  • Build clear of powder
  • Color: Transparent Colour
  • Scale of pack: 100
  • Dimensions: Thin, Medium, Wide & X-Large.

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