Vinyl Gloves for Food Handling

Vinyl Gloves for Food Handling

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Gloves are important in the catering business, because they help to protect the skin and avoid food preparation contamination during cleaning activities. What gloves are the right for any job and what are the workers' requirements?

Vinyl gloves are the most inexpensive, but still less elastic than latex and nitrile gloves. These handkerchiefs are ideal for shorter tasks where comfort is not at the highest level or when regular handkerchiefs are needed. Vinyl handle has the lowest tolerance to punctures and chemical pressures, but when working with potentially toxic chemicals it is not recommended. With a wide variety of materials available, including latex, nitrile, neoprene and vinyl, it is difficult to pick the best Gloves. Do you know which gloves for a certain job you may need? What is the benefit over others with those materials?

Gloves can never replace hand washing or disinfectant use. They ought to have adequate protection against possible risks, as some people have allergies to some of the different materials used to suit the wearer in terms of size and material.


  • If their gloves are too tight, they give them less grip and usually leave their hands sore. On the other side, too big gloves produce folds that can be painful and hinder the mobility of the wearer.
  • Cotton gloves can in most cases be worn under waterproof gloves, which may improve comfort and retain extra humidity after suction. The cotton gloves can be cleaned and reused because it is cost-effective.

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