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Here are the ‘Terms and Conditions” of our website. You must read this Terms and conditions along with privacy policy. The terms will govern your purchase from our website and use of products from our TopCleanGloves and it ensure a legal agreement between a customer and a website. A topcleanGloves is a fully licensed website. It is a digital format of terms and conditions; it does not require any physical presence or signature from customers. For the purpose of this terms and conditions, wherever the context needs the term “You” or “User” shall mean who has visited the website Terms and Conditions, by simply typing a domain name in the internet browser. Any services provided by the website do not require any registration do not absolve any contract established by agreement. By visiting the website, or placing an order, the customers or viewers are deemed to agree to all following terms and conditions. You must create your account in the website, by providing your personal information like name, contact number and shipping and billing address. Your password and login in are private with us as per the privacy policy of TopCleanGloves. Make sure you keep updating your email address so that the communication is easy and possible You must read the privacy policy thoroughly before you place an order.
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